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A Record of Results for Florida and Our Community


Economic Development

As a principle, government does NOT create jobs, but it creates a regulatory and tax environment that attracts and help privately owned businesses grow.  I will be a voice for our local business community to help foster an environment where businesses can expand, wages can rise, and our local community can flourish.


Rep. Robert “Bobby O” Olszewski has received:


“A” Rating and Honor Roll Award from the Florida Chamber of Commerce


“A” Rating from the Associated Industries of Florida


Endorsement from the Central Florida Hotel Lodging Association


Endorsement for the International Drive Chamber of Commerce


Legislative Honor Award from the Florida Alliance of Consumer Protection 


Rep. Robert “Bobby O” Olszewski has Helped Our Home State of Florida to be:


#1 in Fiscal Health (Mercatus Center)


#1 in Transportation Infrastructure (Florida Chamber of Commerce)


3.6% Unemployment Rate (Bureau of Labor Statistics)


Rep. Robert “Bobby O” Olszewski brought appropriations back to our community:


$2.5-million for Health Central Hospital in West Orange County


$100,000 for the Town of Oakland for water treatment to help restore Lake Apopka 


Taxes and Spending


A low tax environment is a key to a healthy and growing Florida economy.  As your State Representative, I will fight any efforts to raise taxes and fees on Floridians and will support efforts that help reduce taxes and put more money back into your pocket.


Rep. Robert “Bobby O” Olszewski Has Helped Our Home State of Florida to be:


Voted to cut taxes by $170-million for Florida families and small businesses including the Back-to-School and Hurricane Preparedness Tax Holidays


Top 5 in the U.S. in Business Tax Climate (Tax Foundation)


Has a AAA SECURE Bond Rating

As the son of a teacher and the husband of another teacher, as well as an adjunct college professor myself, I know firsthand one of the main responsibilities of our state government is to provide a world-class education for our children.  This can be done through an all of the above approach.   Investments into traditional public schools and holding both students and teachers accountable for results, but also rewarding great teachers and schools for positive results.  


We must look to improve our education system by holding charter and private schools accountable and expanding access to for children in failing schools.  We should invest in vocational schools so kids can get technical skills that can equip them for the jobs of tomorrow.


Rep. Robert “Bobby O” Olszewski Voted for Results for Our Community to:


Invest $24-billion dollars into K-12 Education, A New Record Investment for Florida


Invested over $400-million into School Security, School Hardening, and Mental Health Care Services


Helping Children Who Are Bullied to Find a New School through the Hope Scholarship


Made the Bright Futures Scholarship Permanent for Students and Families


Brought a $250,000 appropriation back to our community for Lake Sumter State College where many District 44 residents attend the Clermont Campus


Standing Up for Shared Principles

In today's political climate, it's more important than ever that we have proven conservatives to help protect our values and principles. Rep. Robert “Bobby O” Olszewski voted for a Balanced Budget with BILLIONS in reserves for a rainy day.  


We must also defend our Constitution including the 2nd Amendment while doing everything we can to keep our schools, children and communities safe through common sense policy. Rep. Robert “Bobby O” Olszewski knows how important it is to protect our families, property, and community. As a father to a beautiful young daughter, Reagan, Bobby is pro-life, because he believes every life is sacred and must be protected.  

Cleaning Up Government

Out of 160 Senator and Representatives in the Florida Legislature, Rep. Robert “Bobby O” Olszewski was one of only 17 legislators to receive the 2018 Legislative Appreciation Award from the Florida League of Cities for his Home Rule advocacy.


We need TERM LIMITS for every elected official to crackdown on career politicians.  We also have to stop politicians from profiting off public service by implemented stricter lobbying bans and ethics reforms. 

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